Network Architecture

—IG Network is divided in 4 different blocks:

  • Core Block: Core Block has been designed with Juniper Networks Solutions (Core Router being MX-80 -1+1). In core block all tier-1 upstream providers are connected via fiber optics cable (ITC & SMEW-4-proposed) to the core block. Core block is also connected with bi-lateral peering (Google, akamai-proposed), other IIG, national content provider, international content provider and national internet exchange (NIX). Core bock is directly connected with Aggregation block.
  • Aggregation Block: Aggregation Block has also been designed with Juniper Networks Solutions (MX-5 -1+1). In aggregation block all clients are aggregated. It is directly connected with core block. Aggregation block is also responsible for deep packet inspection (DPI). Aggregation block also act as access block for big customer who leased more than 500mbp bandwidth. For aggregating all customer traffic this block also directly connected with ACCESS block.
  • Access Block: Access Block has been designed with Juniper Network Solutions (EX 4200 – 37PoPs all over Dhaka, underground redundant NTTN connectivity). In addition IG has similar setup in 4 cities (Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Khulna) outside dhaka.
  • Transmission Block: This block is designed with both the NTTNs (Summit & F@H) for connecting ILDC, ITC, BTRC, NMC, Bi-lateral peering with other IIG, NIX, National Content Provider.