Network Architecture

IG Network is divided in 4 different blocks:

  • Core Block: Core Block has been designed with Juniper Networks Solutions. In core block all tier-1 upstream providers are connected via fiber optics cable & submarine cable (ITC & SEA-ME-WE 5) to the core block. Core block is also connected with bi-lateral peering (Google, FNA, akamai), other IIG, national content provider, international content provider and national internet exchange (NIX).
  • Aggregation Block: Aggregation Block has also been designed with Juniper Networks In aggregation block all clients are aggregated. It is directly connected with core block.
  • Access Block: Access Block has been designed with Juniper Network Solutions ( 37PoPs all over Dhaka, underground redundant NTTN connectivity). In addition IG has similar setup in 4 cities (Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Khulna) outside dhaka.
  • Transmission Block: Transmission is designed with both the NTTNs (Summit, F@H & BAHON) for connecting ILDC, ITC, BTRC, NMC, Bi-lateral peering with other IIG, NIX, National Content Provider.