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Intraglobe Communications Ltd. has been established specifically for carrying out International Internet Gateway (IIG) operations in Bangladesh. The sponsors and management of Intraglobe have vast experience in the Gateway and IT industry.

With a determination to develop the quality of its services equivalent to international standards, ICL operates its business alongside with well known global carriers within the telecommunications industry involving the expansion of our international cable network across the globe, implementation of equipment enabling high speed data exchange in various international locations, and upgrading our standards in providing stable and uninterrupted service; all to meet the high demands of our clients. This in itself promotes Thailand as an Alternative International Hub or International Gateway in the Southeast Asian region in its own right.

  • Intraglobe Communication Limited (IG) was awarded license on April, 2012 by BTRC (BTRC/LL/IIG (20)Intraglobe/2012-20).
  • IG started its operation on March, 2013.
  • Since inception, IG was the focal IIG for its sister concerns AccessTEL, Tackyon & Alap.
  • IG established Data Center and Recovery Data Center with 4 PoPs outside of Dhaka on October, 2013.

Upstream Providers

  • Route – TATA Mumbai
  • Route – Airtel Chennai
  • Route – TIS Singapore